Strategies and Tips to Play Strands Game

Have you ever tried to untangle a knot and found the challenge strangely satisfying? That’s the thrill “Strands” offers with its brain-teasing word puzzles. In this exciting game from The New York Times, players create their way through a web of letters to create words and earn points. If you’re ready to become a “Strands” expert, follow these gameplay tips and strategies that will help you maximize your scores and enjoy the game even more!

Strategies and tips for strands game
Strategies and tips for strands game

Understanding the Basics

First things first, let’s break down how “Strands” works. You are presented with a spiderweb-like layout filled with letters. Your task is to connect these letters to form words. Each letter can only be used once per word, and you must draw a strand—or a line—between consecutive letters in the word you’re forming.

Start with What You Know

  • Familiar Words First: Kick things off by forming words you know well. This boosts your confidence and helps you get a feel for the layout of the letters.
  • Common Suffixes and Prefixes: Look for common word endings like “-ing,” “-ed,” “-er,” and beginnings like “re-,” “un-,” and “pre-.” These can help you form longer words quickly.

Expand Your Vocabulary

  • Daily Practice: Regular play enhances your ability to spot more complex words. Try to play “Strands” daily to keep your skills sharp.
  • Read and Learn: Increase your word knowledge by reading books, magazines, and other games. The more words you know, the easier it will be to spot them in the game.

Strategic Moves

  • Plan Your Paths: Before drawing a strand, plan a few words ahead. This strategy prevents you from getting stuck with unusable letters.
  • Save Key Letters: Try to save versatile letters like ‘S’, ‘R’, ‘T’, and vowels. They can be crucial for forming new words later in the game.

Time Management

“Strands” may not be timed, but efficient play is still important. Focus on forming words quickly and accurately. If you’re stuck, move on to a new area of the web or take a brief moment to look at the letters from a different perspective.

Keep It Fun

While strategies and tips can help you improve, the most important part of playing “Strands” is to enjoy it. Don’t stress over the scores too much; focus on enjoying the puzzle and improving at your own pace. You can always play the game again through our website.


Mastering “Strands” takes practice and patience, but with these tips and strategies, you’re well on your way to becoming a top player. Remember, each game is a new opportunity to improve your vocabulary and puzzle-solving skills. So, grab your device, start connecting those letters, and watch your scores climb to new heights!

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